Features of DX Suite

4 points of DX Suite

  • Highest level of accuracy in the industry
    Highest level of accuracy in the industry
    The in-house developed character recognition AI improves accuracy and adds models and functions based on customer feedback. DX Suite reads various characters with high accuracy, including handwritten, printed characters, and tilted images.
  • Easy-to-use<br>user interface
    user interface
    An easy-to-use interface is provided for anyone to use. With DX Suite, even complicated OCR field settings are only one click away.
  • Supports various<br>semi-structured forms
    Supports various
    semi-structured forms
    DX Suite can read structured forms and forms in different formats such as invoices, drawings, and contracts.
  • Link with various systems
    Link with various systems
    DX Suite enables linkage via API with various systems, including RPA products. This promotes further automation of business operations.

Reliable Security

  • Privacy Control
    By allowing users to choose whether or not to allow
    uploaded image data to AI training data,
    DX Suite can be applied to purposes with strict privacy requirements.
  • High level of security
    Communication paths are encrypted using TLS1.2,
    providing a high level of security.
    We also have extensive experience in implementing the cloud version in financial companies.

Selectable environments

An appropriate environment can be built according to customer requirements

Complete support

Complete support is provided depending on the stage, from trial to full-scale operation.
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