Service linkage

Further operational efficiency can be achieved by linking with various services.

  • BizteX
  • blueprism
  • box
  • Dropbox
  • NTT AT
  • primagest
  • RPA Technologies
  • 東芝テック株式会社
  • UIPath

Linkage method

DX Suite can further improve operational efficiency by linking with various systems such as RPA and document management systems.
  • csv
    Import CSV
    Data can also be imported into external systems and tools using CSV.
  • api
    API linkage
    The API published by DX Suite can be used to integrate with external systems.

Diagram of integration

By combining the following systems with AI-OCR, daily operations can be performed more accurately and speedily.
  • Upload image
    Upload image
  • Perform OCR
    Perform OCR
  • Retrieve OCR results
    Retrieve OCR results
  • Import data<br>to system
    Import data
    to system
Linkage example
  • Link with document management system
    By linking together document management systems with AI-OCR, the digitization of the imported document can be performed automatically. In addition, items such as name and fee amount which is required under the revised Act on Book and Record<br>Keeping through Electronic Methods, can be easily obtained.
  • Link with a reimbursement system
    By uploading receipts taken by photo and receipts data to a reimbursement system linked with AI-OCR, the system can automatically retrieve the input items.
  • Link with an accounting system
    The AI-OCR can be linked to an accounting system to reduce the time and errors in inputting transaction details while viewing the contents of reimbursement forms, which are previously done manually.
  • Link with an in-house developed system
    By linking AI-OCR to the sales management system or other in-house developed systems, the amount of work required to input order information, etc., which used to be done manually, can be drastically reduced. In addition, AI-OCR can be linked to any system, not just sales systems.
Please feel free to contact us regarding external linkage services.
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