Industry-leading AI enables a significant reduction in workload and streamlines business

  • AI-OCR
    Intelligent OCR
    No more manual entry for handwritten, typed, faxed and photographed forms is needed.
    It reads a variety of formats, both structured and unstructured.
  • Generative AI
    Advanced generative AI automates data processing and facilitates data utilization. There will be additional features to expand the types of supported operations.
Perform OCR on any form

Intelligent OCR

  • Reads various forms and extracts<br class='sp-none'> the desired text data
    Reads various forms and extracts
    the desired text data
    The AI-OCR reads any form, either structured or non-structured, and automatically extracts the requested text. Output can be in CSV, JSON, or searchable PDF files.
    Use case
    Bills, receipts, payroll reports, surveys, order forms, application forms, etc.
  • Supports multiple languages
    Supports multiple languages
    DX Suite is available in English, Japanese, Chinese, Thai and Vietnamese.
    Use case
    Data conversion of documents written in English, Chinese, Thai and Vietnamese.
  • Automatically sorts forms <span class='title-sub'>(optional)</span>
    Automatically sorts forms (optional)
    Documents uploaded in batches are automatically sorted by type. Make operation easier by combining with Intelligent OCR.
    Use case
    Order forms, application forms, etc. that are set in multiple types
Advanced generative AI
automates data processing and facilitates data utilization


  • Automates hassle file transcription
    Automates hassle file transcription
    Understands the content of images and PDF files and automatically transcribes them to specified Excel fields. Unstructured files are also supported.
    Use case
    Posting from sales slips to sales ledgers
    Transcribing loan application forms to screening formats
  • Eases time-consuming summarization <span class='title-sub'>(coming soon)</span>
    Eases time-consuming summarization (coming soon)
    Extracts and summarizes essential content from the document.
    Use case
    Summarizing business meeting reports and minutes
  • Automatically categorizes sentences <span class='title-sub'>(coming soon)</span>
    Automatically categorizes sentences (coming soon)
    The document content is analyzed and categorized based on instructions from the user.
    Use case
    Determining complaints from comments on survey results
These functions are utilized in various industries and businesses.
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