Support System

AI inside Academy

Supports the use of DX Suite with a variety of content, including systematic learning materials for how to use DX Suite, sharing of user case studies and information on events.
  • Academy Newsletter
    Academy Newsletter
    Check updates and recommended information on how to make the best use of DX Suite.
  • Learn How to Use
    Learn How to Use
    You can learn the contents according to the stage, such as planning at the time of introduction, the basics of operation, application, and operation points of each function. These are available at any time and as many times as you want, in an easy-to-understand manner.
  • Events / Seminars
    Events / Seminars
    Online seminars are held to introduce new functions and system integration case studies for more effective use of DX Suite. Various events will also be held, including community events where users can connect with each other.
  • User Community
    User Community
    A community where users can share information and ask questions to each other, including case studies and tips on operation and use.

DX Suite Help Center

Basic information such as operation guide and FAQs are available. For inquires, please contact us from here.
DX Suite Help Center
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